Introduction of TVS Scooty Pep Scooters


TVS Scooty Pep is the one of most selling scooters in Asia. It’s manufacturing by TVS Company in India. They export these scooters for other countries as well, especially for Asian courtiers. Such as Sri Lanka

These scooters quite famous because it is easy drive and it is not expensive Scooter either. Scooty Pep scooters are really famous among teenage girls and boys.

That doesn’t mean it is not famous among adults. Majority of adults also use these scooters for daily basis.

Actually they have manufactured some features especially for female riders. Scooter’s center stand is not difficult to pull the bike center stand at all. It’s easy use for especially female riders.

Scooty pep scooters powered by a 4-stroke single cylinder forced air cool engine. This engine can engine that and 5.4 Nm produces 3.68 kW at 6,500 rpm of torque at 4,000 rpm.

These scooters come with different colors. They are Pink, Green, Purple, Blue, and Red. Pink color bike is most of girls’ choice and black color one is most of guys’ choice

Why People like TVS Scooty Peps ?

red scooty pep with a girl

Obviously TVS Scooty doesn’t have a 1000cc engine. If you want one you need to buy a Harley Davidson or something. Then Why people love Scooty Pep ? Why it is doing good in the market? Basically even you are here because you are going to buy one or you want to find more details about it right? Yes, guess I’m right.

People love this scooter because it is so easy to drive.

It doesn’t have a manual clutch gear system. It has auto gear system. Therefore you just need to accelerate and you don’t have to bother to change gears. Simple is that. It has a cute unique size because of that you can easily drive it even roads are busy.

It saves your money.

This bike really suite for your day today life because it has 50 kmpl mileage and people believe there is higher mileage on highway roads.

It has more storage space.

Yes that’s really true. There is a big storage space under the seat. Most of the time people put their helmets in this storage space. There is another storage space below the bike handle. Also we have seen people carry cooking gas tanks in the foot space even (that’s something funny) It is risky thing anyway. Overall TVS Scooty Pep has more storage space compare to other scooters in the market.

It is not expensive

Yes it is not expensive. It will cost you around INR 40,000 (in India). In Sri Lanka it will cost you around Rs 12,000 (1000 dollars). Install payment also included. Therefore majority of teenage girls buy these scooters as their first bike. It’s a smart deal for for you and for your pocket as well.

It looks pretty

Compare to old scooters these scooters are pretty. These scooters look cute also especially because of the scooter size.

History of Scooter Bikes

old scooter

When you speak of the first invention of scooter bikes, it was way back 1800’s. It was in the year of 1885 when scooter models of motorcycles were made. The most common feature of scooter bikes is a step-through hollow tube frame as twin cylinder engine that is water cooled. It was such an advanced invention by that time. The rear wheel has pistons like the train and they used rubber bands that will have return impulse.

The price of this type of motorcycle is quite expensive and it does not have clutch. After the second World War, it brought to another invention of a modern style scooter. The inventions were done because some could not run or drive the typical motorcycle, so people design a much simpler and an economical means of transportation. The design of the frame makes it comfortable and drivers are protected from road dirt. The shape is sophisticated and unique.

By the year 1949, manufacturers were able to make 35,000 units. On the 1950s, scooter was the popular type of motorcycles in almost all countries all parts of the world. Most of them manufactured and some countries import scooters to the other countries. In Europe, they have produced almost a million units by the year 1960s. That paved way to other countries from all parts of the continent produce and manufacture scooter bikes. Even today, scooter bikes are still popular as a means of transportation for commuters. It has still an increasing demand for it. If countries cannot produce, they simply import from nearby countries. Those that can supply it will then export it to other countries.

The models of scooter will depend on the brand and the manufacturer. The model starts from 50 cc up to 250 cc. The higher the power of the scooter the higher velocity it has. You don’t need to travel fast as long as you can get top your destination safely. Whenever you see scooter bikes on the road, it is always eye catching. Women and young people prefer to use this because it is mounted lower than the typical motorcycle.

Benefits of Scooter Bikes

  • It cannot be affected by heavy traffic because you can easily swerve to a small space.
  • This is advantageous for commuters and those in the subdivision that they will have the convenience in going to nearby town. They will be able to save time instead of walking they can reach to their destination early.
  • In parking areas, you will only need minimal space.
  • It is very economical a full tank of your scooter can travel long mileage. It has minimal maintenance. Brand new scooters will have no problem and you will not replace spare parts for the succeeding 5 years. It depends on the brand that you have. Most of the brands are durable.
  • Easy to operate. You will have no difficulty running it. However, be cautions since it has no clutch, do not over turn the gas acceleration because it may cause accident. Always take precautionary method since it is two-wheel vehicle, wear appropriate helmet and be sure that when you have riders you can still manage to drive it.

People say Scooty Peps are cheap compare to other scooters. What is scooty pep price ?

Like we already know Scooty Pep made in by India. We will give you scooty pep price in different cities in India. I think they deserved it because India is the country who manufactures Scooty Pep.

As you know Honda’s newest scooter bike which is Honda Activa little bit expensive compare to Scooty pep (Honda Activa ex-showroom price is 44,100 to 47,300 in Delhi).

Please note we will always try to update our prices day today but sometimes there will be a small difference our website scooty pep price list and the Scooty pep stores’ price list.

Ex-showroom price – The price from the manufacturers to dealers. In fact it is the price while the vehicle is in the showroom. That is means without any taxes and other charges like insurance.

On-road price – This is the price including all charges like road tax, insurance etc.

Ex Showroom Scooty Pep Price In India (Indian Rupees)


Ex-showroom Price 2013


Rs 34,910

579.22 US Dollar


Rs 36,670

608.42 US Dollar


Rs 36,900

612.24 US Dollar


Rs 36,700

608.92 US Dollar


Rs 35,500

589.01 US Dollar

On-road price Price In India (Indian Rupees)


On Road Price 2013


Rs 38,400

637.13 US Dollar


Rs 42,100

698.52 US Dollar


Rs 39,100

648.74 US Dollar


Rs 42,000

696.86 US Dollar


Rs 40,250

667.82 US Dollar